CBN Products For Sleep

CBNight Water Soluble Drops

Studies such as the one completed by the research team at the University of Western Australia have caught the attention of millions of consumers around the globe. Over the past several years, the hemp market has expanded to include products derived from minor cannabinoids, with CBN being one of the most popular. CBD American Shaman offers several high quality CBN products to meet the needs of those looking to incorporate this minor cannabinoid into their daily routine.

A water soluble CBN Oil is a great fit for those looking to focus on promoting a good night’s sleep. Made in the USA, you can either take Water Soluble CBN oil sublingually or by stirring it into your favorite nighttime drink.

A reasonable recommended serving size starts at half a dropper to gauge how your body reacts to the oil. From there, adjust your serving size as need be until you achieve the desired effects. To try out a water soluble CBN oil for yourself, please check out our online store or stop by one of our many CBD American Shaman locations in the US. Not sure where to start? Stop by and see one of our Certified CBD Consultants in person to chat and even pick up a free sample product as well!

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