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The (Hemp) Heart of the Matter

It is no secret that hemp can be used for a vast quantity of items. We can make everything from clothing and rope to alternative wellness products with this incredible little plant. But did you know that it can also be eaten as food?

Hemp hearts have been found as a food source throughout history. And though this food source was primarily lost to history with the prohibition of hemp, relegalization has allowed us to discover what hemp hearts have to offer once again.

Hemp, More than Just a Plant

For hundreds of years, humans have been cultivating hemp. Not only as a material source but as a food source as well. And even though prohibition on the plant has led to a loss in the knowledge of what this plant can do, we are rediscovering its potential.

For example, evidence suggests that hemp was used not only as a textile crop in historic East Asia but also as a food crop. According to a late 2022 paper published through Taylor & Francis Online, “the remains of hemp seeds were reportedly found in major archeological sites such as the Yellow and Yangtze Rivers in China, suggesting that the ancient Chinese sowed hemp seeds.”

The relegalization of hemp has revitalized hemp hearts as a food source. Since it contains important nutritional content like protein, it has become a popular option for many looking for alternative protein sources. Hemp hearts have become especially popular with those who follow vegetarian or vegan diets. However, this alternative food source has more to offer than just protein.

Nutritional Information for Hemp Hearts

Hemp hearts can be a great addition to most individual’s diets. This plant-based food source has a variety of options to offer, including protein and potassium. According to the US Department of Agriculture (known to many of us as the USDA), hemp hearts have a wealth of nutritional information. For example, 3 Tbsp. of hemp hearts contains:

  • 10g of protein
  • Less than 1g of sugar
  • 10mg of Calcium
  • 4mg of Iron
  • 333mg of Potassium
  • 0mg of Cholesterol or Sodium
organic hemp hearts

This information suggests that hemp hearts could be a healthy addition to the diets of many individuals. However, it is important to remember that each individual’s dietary needs are unique. What may work for one individual may not be right for another. Please consult your physician if you have pre-existing conditions or are on prescription medication before adding hemp hearts to your diet.

Can Consuming Hemp Hearts Make You Test Positive on a Drug Test?

While many individuals would like to incorporate hemp hearts into their diet, this exact question gives them pause. It is an understandable concern given the confusion surrounding hemp and workplace regulations. And while many individuals would like a strict yes or no answer, the reality is a bit more complex.

According to the FDA, “Although hemp is from the same species as cannabis (marijuana), the seeds themselves do not naturally contain tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the main psychoactive ingredient in cannabis. The hemp seed-derived ingredients that are the subject of these GRAS notices contain only trace amounts of THC and CBD, which the seeds may pick up during harvesting and processing when they are in contact with other parts of the plant.”

However, it is important to note that any trace amounts of THC could result in a positive result of a drug test. The best policy to avoid confusion is to speak to your employer’s human resources department. Company policy may differ from employer to employer depending on industry, state laws, and other factors. Please contact your employer’s HR department for more information.

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