CBD and Senior Pets

We all love our furry friends and want only the best for them. When they get older, we want them to live out the rest of their lives in health and comfort. CBD can be a great addition to you and your pet’s daily routine, no matter what age they are!

How does CBD help senior pets?

As our four legged friends get older, their joints become stiffer. Over time, chasing their favorite ball or getting up onto their favorite napping spot becomes more difficult. It can be hard to watch this happen and we all want to help make their golden years as comfortable as possible.

One alternative many pet owners have turned to is CBD oil formulated specifically with animals in mind. CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties have made this popular cannabinoid the focus of hundreds of human and animal studies around the globe. Research teams have found evidence to support the claim that CBD can help reduce the inflammatory effect brought on by different forms of arthritis. While there are currently no FDA approved products for this specific ailment, the science speaks for itself.

Putting CBD to the Test

A Mid-2018 study conducted by researchers in the Department of Veterinary Medicine at Cornell University observed the effects and safety of CBD treatment in Osteoarthritic dogs. The research team used a small panel of 4 beagles as their focus group over a period of four weeks.

Throughout the study period, each dog was first given a 2mg/kg oral serving of CBD oil for the first two weeks, then an 8mg/kg oral serving of CBD oil with a 2 week washout period in between. The beagles were observed through a series of tests that included blood sampling and physical agility and navigation testing. The dogs were all fed their regular diet with no change permitted during the testing time frame.

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The results found that “Clinically, canine brief pain inventory and Hudson activity scores showed a significant decrease in pain and increase in activity with CBD oil. Veterinary assessment showed decreased pain during CBD treatment.”

Similarly, a Literature Review of The Safety and Use of Cannabidiol Products in Dogs and Cats was written by Cassidy Parker and published through Oregon State University in 2021. Their research found that “Recent publications of peer-reviewed literature show an overall trend of promising results for the future of CBD in veterinary medicine.” However, the Literature Review did note that most studies were still considered preliminary and warrant more in-depth research. 

CBD is more than just an Anti-Inflammatory Product

Another reason pet owners use CBD pet products is for the cannabinoid’s calming properties. As any pet owner will tell you, sometimes you need a little extra help when your pet is presented with a stressful situation. Thunderstorms, fireworks, and even small loud children can make our four legged friends anxious. CBD’s calming properties have caused pet parents to turn to CBD pet products as an option to help calm their pets.

A survey of 96 dogs examined their behavior after ingesting CBD. There was a positive correlation in dogs who were given CBD before experiencing Triggers such as the owner leaving the house, thunderstorms, loud noises, anxious behavior, etc., and more calm behavior than without the CBD.

However the results also shared, “Though the results of this study have many positive implications, the study also has its own limitations. Due to the observational nature of this study, results cannot be compared to a placebo product.”

This survey highlights a property of CBD that can be of use to many pet owners. And while this survey centered around dogs, similar behavior can also be replicated in pets like horses and cats.

Where to buy CBD pet products

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Check with your vet

If your four legged friend is on any vet prescribed medication, always check first before incorporating CBD into their daily routine. Depending on the medication, CBD could interact with the medication and potentially create side effects. Your vet should be able to direct you around any obstacles and advise on whether or not it is safe to add CBD to their established routine.

Pet parents should check with their vet before giving CBD to animals like hamsters, birds, snakes, and sugar gliders. While many CBD products are made with animals in mind, the serving sizes are usually tailored to larger animals. Additionally, some exotic pets also may have specific dietary needs that need to be addressed.

CBD can send tails wagging

CBD can be a valuable addition to your senior pet’s daily routine. Research suggests that CBD has the potential to be beneficial in several different ways. CBD’s anti-inflammatory and calming properties make this cannabinoid an ideal choice for pets of all ages, but senior pets most of all.

Multiple studies have shown a positive correlation between CBD and an ease in problems pet parents deal with on a daily basis. And while most research is still considered preliminary, researchers agree the standing data shows promise for further positive outcomes. Further research would also expand beyond how pets like dogs, horses, and cats react when given CBD. Exotic pets such as reptiles and sugar gliders have had no research to back whether or not CBD has a positive impact on behavior or triggers.

When shopping for a CBD pet product for your furry friend, look no further than CBD American Shaman. We have the CBD items to make your pet’s day without breaking the bank. Stop on by one of our locations to start your pet’s CBD journey today!

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