CBD Drinks In The Summer Heat

Summer is in full swing and the weather is scorching! When it comes to finding a CBD product that not only fits your needs but is refreshing, many individuals have turned to CBD drinks. A variety of different kinds of CBD drinks have entered the market in recent years and have become a niche sector of the market that continues to grow each year.

When shopping for a CBD product, individuals can come across CBD beverages that include teas, juices, and even energy drinks. These kinds of products are an alternative to other more traditional hemp derived edibles like gummies. But just like any other hemp product on the market, choosing a quality item is important.

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There are several things CBD shoppers can do to make sure they are choosing a quality product. First and foremost is checking the Certificate of Analysis, or COA for short. A COA is the results of third party testing to verify information about a hemp product including;

  • Potency
  • Terpene Profile
  • Verification of no heavy metals or other potentially harmful contaminants.

While brands will often have their current COAs available on their website, the store the item is purchased from should also have a copy of the COA on hand.

Secondly, look at the packaging. A quality hemp product will not contain labeling with words such as “treats” or “cures”. Terminology such as this is prohibited by the FDA and other regulatory bodies. Labels should also include information such as the brand’s contact information, suggested serving size of the product, and ingredients.

Oftentimes, brands will also provide more in-depth information for their customers via pamphlets or blogs directly on their websites. This information provides transparency and allows their customers to learn how to use new products.
Third, what are other people saying about the product in question? Reviews can be a valuable tool for shoppers looking to try a new product. This is especially true with CBD beverages. CBD oil can impact the flavor and texture of the beverage, giving a different experience compared traditional drinks. Reviews can give shoppers insight into what others liked or disliked about a product.

Reviews can also warn shoppers away from poor quality products. Many fly by night companies will have an unusual amount of negative reviews or no reviews at all. Oftentimes, they will erase reviews in areas like social media or the site where the products are advertised to prevent people from avoiding their products.

Finally, look at how the brand interacts with its consumers. Do they respond to reviews or comments on their social media? Do they strive to resolve complaints or problems shoppers experience with their products? If they do, then it is a sign of brand transparency and establishes trust with consumers.

These kinds of interactions can be found in many different places. Online retailers, Google, social media platforms, and even sites like Reddit have reviews and stories shared by those who have purchased the product in question. Quality brands will even be vigilant in searching for negative customer experiences to see how they can make the next customer interaction satisfactory or remedy the current situation.

CBD Drinks Near Me

When it comes to shopping for a CBD beverage, Google CBD Drinks Near Me and following these simple guidelines can help ensure the product you are choosing is a quality one. This new niche in the hemp industry is exciting and expanding every day, however, consumers should be wary of poor quality products produced by shady brands. Companies that have a focus on transparency and quality care about their products and those who purchase them.

As the hemp industry continues to expand and grow with new products, consumer education is more important than ever. Niches like CBD drinks are gaining popularity, leaving room for shady brands to take advantage of the market and those who may not know how to distinguish a quality product from a dud. However, shoppers can avoid these kinds of brands by following guides like these to help them choose the best CBD drinks, or any hemp product, to help make their summer a success.

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