Consider CBD Oil’s Many Possible Health Benefits

CBD oil is legal in all 50 US states. It can be used to treat a variety of ocular or systemic conditions. Robert Reed Jr., OD spoke here at Optometry’s Meeting.

Reed stated that CBD oil is made by the body. CBD oil is the plant-based component. It is produced by us: It has a positive effect on mood, pain, appetite and memory.

Reed stated that CBD oil is not regulated by the FDA and could not be used to treat, prevent, or cure any medical condition. However, Reed explained that CBD oil helps the body and that “we are tweaking the system with which we were created.”

He said that CBD and marijuana are both available. He said that marijuana can cause problems and make you high. CBD oil, however, isn’t addictive and doesn’t harm you.

Reed stated, “In my practice I look at what’s going on with patients that may be able help me.” Reed stated, “One hundred percent” of the population is in dire need. They can choose to accept my offer. I am in business to maximize their vision and maintain their health.

Reed stated, “Quality is crucial but you can’t overdose or become addicted to it.”

The use of medical marijuana for pain relief, nausea relief, cancer treatment, insomnia, addiction withdrawal, glaucoma/MS/ALS, Parkinson’s disease, and sleep problems is legal. He said that medical marijuana can cause brain damage, decrease cognition, memory loss, heart attacks, increased cancer risk in smokers, and possible genetic changes.

Although marijuana has been examined in the eyes, the amount required to obtain a result is too high.

Reed stated that people were so drunk they couldn’t stand up to have their IOP checked. It was only 3 hours, and there was a 20% decrease in IOP. It is not recommended for glaucoma.

Marijuana may also affect motion perception, speed detection and spatial perception. It can also interfere with light and dark functions. He said that it also affects the central, up/left, and temporal visual areas.

Reed stated that THC is the chemical responsible for making you high. It makes up between 30% and 40% of marijuana.

THC is “The High Chemical” and CBD is “Calms The Body Down”. CBD can cancel THC and addiction, and it also cancels alcohol.

“We operate with a sympathetic/parasympathetic system,” Reed explained. When we are in danger, our bodies go into sympathetic mode and fight or flight. Once the danger has passed, it is time to return to parasympathetic mode. We are always in a sympathetic state. This can cause inflammation and disease if chemicals are not shut down.

He said, “We created all this with lifestyle technology and diet.”

Reed stated that CBD helps to regulate the immune system and prevents overreaction. It reduces inflammation all around. CBD oil is a miracle worker.

Reed believes that CBD oil can treat many eye conditions, including dry eyes, cataracts, dry eye, dry eyes, age-related macular damage, dry eye, allergic reactions, iritis, and uveitis.

Lifestyle, diet, and stress are all factors that contribute to dementia and other autoimmune and psychiatric disorders.

Reed stated that CBD is not controlled by the FDA and therefore “you can’t know if you’re getting CBD without THC or a level of CBD that’s promised.” Know your source.

CBD is readily available in all parts of the world, so “direct delivery is better,” he stated. CBD is being added to cigarettes, but edibles can be difficult as you don’t know how much.

A certificate of analysis from an independent laboratory can verify the amount of CBD oil in a product.

“There’s no established concentration,” Reed said. Reed stated that the starting point is between 5 and 10 mg, once or twice daily. Pay attention to the label. Bad CBD isn’t cheap. But good CBD isn’t cheap. I tried several brands before I finally found one that worked.

Reed stated that he was interested in this field because he had broken his back in 2001. He was then told that he would never be able practice again.

“I suffered from chronic neuralgia, which was characterized by pain that reaches the waist. I tried everything, but I finally settled on acupuncture. Today, I run 4 miles each morning. Doctors said that they couldn’t explain how I can function with only half my spinal cord. He continued, “We are not trying to replace prescription drugs. But let your doctor know if CBD is being used and if your condition has improved. Your prescription drug requirements may be lower than they were before.

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